Friday, June 3, 2011


My dad has been lucky enough to be one of the people Brian invited on a fun trip to Alaska. From the few phone calls and txt messages we've gotten from my dad, it sounds like they're having a really awesome time. Although they have to wake up SUPER early in the morning, its all worth it when they catch that one big fish of the day. And after a long trip out to sea, its relaxing to come back to the lodge, and rest while catching up on family things by facebook or calling one another. Then, its back out to the boat. :) Now, fishing is fun, but you cant go anywhere with the grafs, without hiking ;) My dad says its fun, and a very good excercise. They've also gone down by the edge of the rivers to fish, where bears often go to catch their fish. But luckily, they havent seen any bears.....yet. Although, they have seen moose, seals, a whale about ten feet away from their boat :0, and they also got footage of a bald eagle catching fish right out of the water! Crazy huh? From what i've been hearing, it sounds like a pretty fun trip so far, but I just cant wait until he comes home. Im happy for my dad, and that he's having a great time, but i miss my daddy. And I cant wait til he comes back saterday and shows us all his souveniers, fish, pictures, and videos :) Here's some pictures we recieved from my dad while out in Alaska.

Trey has been missing his daddy too. So, in his spare time he made a small model of his understanding, to be Alaska. He spent quite a long time on it, and had a little help, but all in all, it was made entirely by him. :) i took some pictures of it, and what i thought was cute, was that when i got home for him to show me, i noticed he was wearing my moms black boots :) i asked him why he was wearing them, and he said it was just for fun. So, i made sure to take a picture of his boots too :)

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  1. Sis! I was so excited to come home from work today and find a new post that you did! What a fun post too!!!
    Yes, those black boots that trey was wearing were so silly!