Saturday, July 31, 2010


This weekend has been a blast! me and my family came up north and slept over at kims house, and visit a bunch of family. so far, it has been nothing but fun! me and kassidy have been having fun modeling for a bunch of pictures we took in her backyard! haha, it is awesome! love ya kass! then, saturday night, we got to go to a soccor game with curt and mikes fam! we got to stay in a suite, it was fun! (so much food!) haha! so, here are some pics of us at the game, enjoy! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My dad always falls asleep during movies, or while watching tv. so... today, i walked in the room to find my dad asleep on the couch, holding my brothers blanket with a blow-up football on his head. and i just HAD to get a picture of it!!!! but even better,.. i got a video! so, please enjoy the following! :)


Yesterday me, my mom, trey, and ryans family went to the washington aquatic center! all the little cousins had a BLAST! Here are the pictures and videos i took of all the fun we had!

on our way to the washington aquatic center!!
me and my mom smiling for the camera!
the pool!!!
ryan had fun swimming too! they all had fun taking turns going down the twisty slide!
we also had fun entertaining little courtney!
and she had fun entertaining us!
little katie on her way up to the water slide!!!

the lazy river was really fun too!
every so often they called everybody out of the pool to do some "inspections"

ryan and jesse after their ride down the twisty water slide!

right outside of the pool, they had a fun water park!
here are some videos i took of all the fun we had at the swimming pool!