Monday, February 7, 2011


(Before i start my story, I would just like to say, that this is entirely 100 percent...TRUE!)

Once upon a time, there was a prince, who lived with his two parents (the king and queen) and his sister (body guard). He didnt want his sister to be royal like him, so he made her be his protection and slave. One day, when the body guard came home from a long day of learning...she finally relaxed. Then, she got a call from the king, telling her to go on a journey through dangerous roads to mason's house, where the prince was being kept captive,and forced to play with his little friend mason. She hesitated, but knew the prince's safety was in her hands. So, she walked out of the castle, with the same foot killing shoes, and still the need to use the restroom in determine to rescue the prince. She walked through the dangerous working area, where the road builders wore fearful faces. Past the five dangerous blood hounds that barked and howled as she journeyed on through. And the creepy UPS driver that drove on by her, stopping right at her tracks. She rushed by him, just escaping his deadly hands. Then....she made it to the house where her little brother was held captive!! She raced up the stairs and onto the porch. She rang the haunted, old doorbell. One of the owners half ling goblin slaves creeked open the door. I demanded that I rescue the prince and bring him home to his castle!! The slave just looked at me, and said, "He's walking home from the park." I replied, "oh! thankyou. " and started back home. Rage filled my bones, as I fearlessly walked past the creepy UPS driver, the five blood hounds, and the scary goblin road builders. I stomped into the castle, to find the prince safely on his throne. The king had ordered me to go on that dangerous journey where I might have died! When the prince was a street over, at the park. I had gone on that journey.....for nothing.