Tuesday, October 18, 2011


well....a while ago, my family moved our way on into Lehi!! Kims family was nice enough to let us take their basement for a little while until my dad is done with his schooling. This place was a paradise for me and my family! Trey got to hang out with megan, my mom and dad got little friends to chat and go on doubles dates with. And i got froo :) hailey, and kolby are mutual to all of us. Hailey is 11 years old, almost 12 and ready to go into young womens! Although she's already is qualified, since she acts like a 16 year old girl with her gossip and wanting for new clothes and make-up :) and kolby pretty much plays with everyone in my family. I'm the one he goes to when he wants to play cards, trey's the one he goes to when he wants to wrestle, and my dads the one he goes to when he wants to beat the "old man" at his football video game. :) living here has been a great blessing, and a TON of fun :) Kassidy and Kolby pick me up from school everyday, which is fun :) and a big relief on my mom! Both our families sometimes plan fun activities to do with eachother. And kassidy makes me smile atleast 50 times a day :) but, living with kassidy means one thing....model pictures! Now, i hate getting my picture taken, but once in a while i'll let kassidy have her fun with the camera :) here's some recent pics kassidy took of us a couple days ago at a field by our neighborhood. Hailey also helped with the pictures :)

Friday, June 3, 2011


My dad has been lucky enough to be one of the people Brian invited on a fun trip to Alaska. From the few phone calls and txt messages we've gotten from my dad, it sounds like they're having a really awesome time. Although they have to wake up SUPER early in the morning, its all worth it when they catch that one big fish of the day. And after a long trip out to sea, its relaxing to come back to the lodge, and rest while catching up on family things by facebook or calling one another. Then, its back out to the boat. :) Now, fishing is fun, but you cant go anywhere with the grafs, without hiking ;) My dad says its fun, and a very good excercise. They've also gone down by the edge of the rivers to fish, where bears often go to catch their fish. But luckily, they havent seen any bears.....yet. Although, they have seen moose, seals, a whale about ten feet away from their boat :0, and they also got footage of a bald eagle catching fish right out of the water! Crazy huh? From what i've been hearing, it sounds like a pretty fun trip so far, but I just cant wait until he comes home. Im happy for my dad, and that he's having a great time, but i miss my daddy. And I cant wait til he comes back saterday and shows us all his souveniers, fish, pictures, and videos :) Here's some pictures we recieved from my dad while out in Alaska.

Trey has been missing his daddy too. So, in his spare time he made a small model of his understanding, to be Alaska. He spent quite a long time on it, and had a little help, but all in all, it was made entirely by him. :) i took some pictures of it, and what i thought was cute, was that when i got home for him to show me, i noticed he was wearing my moms black boots :) i asked him why he was wearing them, and he said it was just for fun. So, i made sure to take a picture of his boots too :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


ok....so...its APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! one of my favorite days of the year!! haha, im not too good at the pranking thing, but today in language arts, i said to my teacher, "mr hansen! i think i might have cancer!" and i pulled out one of my little extension pieces! hahaha, his face was priceless! but he soon realized that it was just a joke :) so...anyways... my dad has been quite the jokster today! he has fooled everyone! (but me) he tried to fool me, but it didnt work ;) so....my mom had an idea to finally get my dad back! We had a recipe for a kitty litter cake. So, we raced over to the dollar store and Lins to grab the ingredients. We got home, and my mom told me and trey to do whatever it takes to keep my dad busy and AWAY from the kitchen at all times! so....once the cake was finished. we put it in the place of the REAL kitty litter, and told my dad to come in the laundry room, but he just WOULDNT COME!! finally, i used my dramatic girl skills, and screamed, " DAD THERES A COCKROACH, COME GET IT!!!" he still wouldnt come!!! and finally, after chewing us girls out because we should be able to kill our own cockroaches....he finally came in! i crouched down next to the "kitty litter" and told my dad the cockroach had come over by me! turns out...there was really a SPIDER BEHIND THE LAUNDRY BASKET!!! aaahhh! but he killed it! thank goodness!!! anyways....so he turned around to find me chonching down on the kitty litter, filled with poop (tootsie rolls) and green food coloring. At first it looked like we had finally gotten him! but he quickly realized that this was just another april fools joke! but we got a video of it, so click on it below, and enjoy our family pranking fun :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


(Before i start my story, I would just like to say, that this is entirely 100 percent...TRUE!)

Once upon a time, there was a prince, who lived with his two parents (the king and queen) and his sister (body guard). He didnt want his sister to be royal like him, so he made her be his protection and slave. One day, when the body guard came home from a long day of learning...she finally relaxed. Then, she got a call from the king, telling her to go on a journey through dangerous roads to mason's house, where the prince was being kept captive,and forced to play with his little friend mason. She hesitated, but knew the prince's safety was in her hands. So, she walked out of the castle, with the same foot killing shoes, and still the need to use the restroom in determine to rescue the prince. She walked through the dangerous working area, where the road builders wore fearful faces. Past the five dangerous blood hounds that barked and howled as she journeyed on through. And the creepy UPS driver that drove on by her, stopping right at her tracks. She rushed by him, just escaping his deadly hands. Then....she made it to the house where her little brother was held captive!! She raced up the stairs and onto the porch. She rang the haunted, old doorbell. One of the owners half ling goblin slaves creeked open the door. I demanded that I rescue the prince and bring him home to his castle!! The slave just looked at me, and said, "He's walking home from the park." I replied, "oh! thankyou. " and started back home. Rage filled my bones, as I fearlessly walked past the creepy UPS driver, the five blood hounds, and the scary goblin road builders. I stomped into the castle, to find the prince safely on his throne. The king had ordered me to go on that dangerous journey where I might have died! When the prince was a street over, at the park. I had gone on that journey.....for nothing.


Saturday, November 13, 2010


ok, so about four weeks ago, i broke my foot. yes, i did BREAK my foot!!! and it KILLS!! and im not talking about my foot, the crutches are the worst part of it all!! but, now that its been four weeks, i am finally out of my cast/shoe thing, and i can start going to school wearing regular shoes now :) i was going to post this earlier, but i guess i just havent gotten around to it. :) so here are some pictures of earlier when my foot was just barely broken. (but, the only thing i like about having a broken foot is getting out of P.E.) so, for now, P.E. is one of my favorite classes :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


This weekend has been a blast! me and my family came up north and slept over at kims house, and visit a bunch of family. so far, it has been nothing but fun! me and kassidy have been having fun modeling for a bunch of pictures we took in her backyard! haha, it is awesome! love ya kass! then, saturday night, we got to go to a soccor game with curt and mikes fam! we got to stay in a suite, it was fun! (so much food!) haha! so, here are some pics of us at the game, enjoy! :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010


My dad always falls asleep during movies, or while watching tv. so... today, i walked in the room to find my dad asleep on the couch, holding my brothers blanket with a blow-up football on his head. and i just HAD to get a picture of it!!!! but even better,.. i got a video! so, please enjoy the following! :)