Friday, April 1, 2011

APRIL FOOLS!!! APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! one of my favorite days of the year!! haha, im not too good at the pranking thing, but today in language arts, i said to my teacher, "mr hansen! i think i might have cancer!" and i pulled out one of my little extension pieces! hahaha, his face was priceless! but he soon realized that it was just a joke :) so...anyways... my dad has been quite the jokster today! he has fooled everyone! (but me) he tried to fool me, but it didnt work ;) mom had an idea to finally get my dad back! We had a recipe for a kitty litter cake. So, we raced over to the dollar store and Lins to grab the ingredients. We got home, and my mom told me and trey to do whatever it takes to keep my dad busy and AWAY from the kitchen at all times! so....once the cake was finished. we put it in the place of the REAL kitty litter, and told my dad to come in the laundry room, but he just WOULDNT COME!! finally, i used my dramatic girl skills, and screamed, " DAD THERES A COCKROACH, COME GET IT!!!" he still wouldnt come!!! and finally, after chewing us girls out because we should be able to kill our own cockroaches....he finally came in! i crouched down next to the "kitty litter" and told my dad the cockroach had come over by me! turns out...there was really a SPIDER BEHIND THE LAUNDRY BASKET!!! aaahhh! but he killed it! thank goodness!!! he turned around to find me chonching down on the kitty litter, filled with poop (tootsie rolls) and green food coloring. At first it looked like we had finally gotten him! but he quickly realized that this was just another april fools joke! but we got a video of it, so click on it below, and enjoy our family pranking fun :)

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  1. That was Great! I thought you were going to start Eating the kitty litter to make your dad do that dry heave sound he makes!