Friday, June 25, 2010


yesterday i walked in my room to find my kitty on my drawers. he looked all cute, so i decided to sit and play with him. and my cat is a very good cat, so he'll practicaly just sit there while you do whatever you want to him. so, i started to put my hat on him and thought, i should go and get my camera. so i did. and we had our own little fashion show! he was a very good model! here are some pics of my cute kitty!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


this is just a short post saying that i just posted three posts in about 20 minutes ( oh, and i guess this makes four) so, you'll find that after the first post you read there will be another new one, then another one, and another one, so sit back and read the fun things that have been going on in Jayme land! :)


well, if you read my mom's blog it says that i am going to post something about fathers day. well, the problem is, is that i didnt know i was going to post something about fathers day. but since my mom said that, i guess i have to. so, my dad is awesome! and i am soooooo greatful for him! he is everything that my mom wanted in a husband and father and what i hope i can find in a husband and father for my kids when i grow older. he is funny, smart, a really good person to talk to, a good listener, and i know one thing, there is not enough paper in the world to write down all the most amazing things my dad is. like i said, i am very greatful for him and i'd just like to say,... happy father's day dad, i love you!


Just a few weeks ago i had saved up some money to go and buy my self real, new extensions! Kassidy (my cousin) gave me the idea because i just fell in love with her extensions and i miss my long hair. so i bought some extensions at sally for 7o to 80 dollars and the minute i got home i just had to try them on! my extensions dont match my hair exactly but my grandma fox agreed to dye my hair the color of my extensions and i will definately blog about that! but in the mean while, here are some pictures i took of me with my extensions on.


Last summer my grandma invited all the girl cousins over for "girl time" with grandma. this was so long ago, sorry i didnt post it earlier but i decided it would be fun to share. We stayed a week over at my grandparents and had nothing but, FUN! when we got there my grandma had all sorts of fun gifts and crafts for us girls to do over the week. we made dolls, painted, swam, ect... then at the end of the week we went to mesquite and went to the casino to the buffet and the arcade (my dad won a thousand tickets on the "jackpot" machine) then i had to go home because school was going to start, while the rest of the girls stayed a couple more days and went and fed some ducks and had more fun! my grandma said she was thinking about doing the same thing this year (and of course a week before was the boys week and they would definately do that again) but we're all excited for this year and cant wait! here are some pictures i managed to take out of all the fun we had while we were there. ( by the way, my grandma is a great cook! and we had so many amazing dinners!) thanks grandma and grandpa for a fun, fun vacation!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Missing Somthing?

ok, so... my family and i have been planning to go to my grandma and grandpa fox's house over the weekend. we were gonna spend three nights there. we would come up friday and stay till sunday night. we would hang out on friday night, get up in the morning on saterday and go to las vegas, then come home and go to sacrament the next day at church. so, friday (today) we got all packed. i made sure i packed a swimming suit for their pool, extra clothes, pajamas, (underwear), money for las vegas, church dress, tooth brush, etc... so, we were about ten minutes away from logan dale and i forgot to bring my hair stuff that grandma was going to die my hair with and i was totally gonna blog about . and then i thought, "i dont remember packing my bag". so i told my mom that, and she said she never saw a white bag in the trunk. so i thought, "oh, im probably just forgeting things, i probably did pack my bag". and my dad said that we couldn't just drive back and hour to get it. so we got there and i was just hoping to see it back there. well my hope didn't work. i didn't have ANYTHING! so, luckily my mom had packed some of my clothes in the trunk that we didn't have enough time to put in my bag. so im covered for tomorrow, but nothing else!!!!!! i can't believe i spent sooo much time packing, and then to just forget about EVERYTHING!!!!!!! well, i'll just have to make the best of my trip, wish me luck!


trey had his second to last game yesterday! my grandparents came down to watch too! trey is such a good baseball player! he hits every ball that comes his way! and yesterday, trey caught his first ball! the batter was up, trey was at first base, the batter hits it WAY high! and it came to land RIGHT in treys mitt! we were soooo excited! trey is such a good batter too. trey's coach told him to always try to run to second base and stop at third. so, thats what he does! he doesnt even look where the ball is, he just keeps running! and he never seems to get tagged! trey is having such a fun time experiencing all these different sports! he's done soccer, baseball, and my parents are talking about putting him in basketball, flag football, and regular football. trey loves doing all these different sports, and we love it too. my dad once put me in basketball. he said i was good because i was tall. i did score a 3 pointer once thought. but i HATED it. so, i never did any other sports. so i guess my dads just grateful that he has one child that enjoys it. :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!..." oh my gosh! i am sooo excited! no more teachers, no more homework, no more notes, no more smelly school lunch! And i cant believe im going to be an 8th grader!!!! im kinda nervous about the school, but im way excited about being a grade older!!!!!!!! please enjoy the following pics of kids way excited about the last day of school!!!